This is a 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' related role playing forum that specifies in role playing as gay male characters. Come take a look!
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 The Rules of this place

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PostSubject: The Rules of this place   Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:59 am

Here are the rules of this forum. Live by them and be spared the banhammer.

1. This group is for male/male pairings, which means that your role playing should focus on that. M/F and F/F are allowed for plot development but shouldn't be the main focus on the RP (at least not permanently).

2. Clop is allowed and expected. We don't warn for it in the threads.

3. You're not allowed to post any pornographic pictures/videos since we want this forum to be linkable to fimfiction. However, we're off fimfiction now so you can post links to other places with pictures or videos if you really must. Keep it to minimum though and keep it pony related.

4. Be nice to everypony! No spamming or any kind of harassing!

5. You're allowed to advertise other groups and contests in this forum, but ask the admins about it first.


Posts : 190
Join date : 2014-03-19

PostSubject: Re: The Rules of this place   Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:07 am

Not exactly a rule, so feel free to skip unless you're just too curious.

This is how us mods will handle rule breakers (put here as a reminder for us silly scatterbrained mods).

-Members can screw up twice, third time will have consequences. First time will be an explanation of rules, the second time will be a warning and the third time will be a temporary ban for 2 days.

-We're smart mods so we can probably tell the difference between accidental rule breakage and deliberate trolling, so we will act accordingly. As in, accidents get the rule explanation and get off the hook, but those who do it on purpose will probably deserve a warning rolled into the same package, as in only get to do it once.

-The crime will get old after about one month, except if someone makes it a habit to break rules every month and then wait until they're safe to do it again. If we keep seeing someone do that so much that we sigh and shake our heads at the sight of his name, they probably deserve a punishment.

-The mods have every right to strike with the ban-hammer right off the bat if someone truly deserves it.
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