This is a 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' related role playing forum that specifies in role playing as gay male characters. Come take a look!
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PostSubject: Spotlight.   Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:21 pm


Young Adult, 20 years old.

Medium build unicorn with an orange coat and a messy black and white mane. Quite short mane and tail. A grey megaphone for a cutiemark. Orange aura glow for magics.

Qwirky, Spotlight likes to help his friends. A joker and prankster at heart, yet always looks out for others and knows when to not cross the line. A typical post-teenager, unwilling to take any major responsability in life. Quick-witted and a sharp thinker, Spotlight has been known to spout out inspirational or deep-meaning phrases from time to time.

Spotlight talks to his family; mother and father, yet is an only child with no known extended family. No pets.

His cutie-mark represents his love for film and directing. An avid photographer and film specialist, Spotlight is willing to dabble in all areas of film. Owns a small house in pony-ville and a studio-cum-flat in caterlot where most of his gear stays.
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