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 Serene Rolls

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PostSubject: Serene Rolls   Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:27 am

Name: Serene Rolls (...not a good name, but I figured I'll roll with it for now.)

Age: Adult

Looks: He is an earth pony. He has an olive coloured coat and a green mane and tail, both of which are left to grow loosely. His manestyle grew to be close to that of Rainbow Dash's, albeit more all over the place. The forelocks are pushed up into a mohawk, while the backlocks and tail are allowed to fall naturally into place.

His eyes are of a light blue colour. And adorning his flank is the cutie mark of a generic-looking map being drawn out by a quill.

Most of the time, his cutie mark is covered by a hoodie that extends to his backlegs and up to his neck, along with a pair of bags with a button adorned with his cutie mark.

Personality: Genial and absent minded in nature. He can become surprisingly focused on things that do hold interest to him, however.

Family: A distant family of four other ponies: His two parents, grandfather and sister.

Other: He's often enamoured by dolphins and the oceans in general. He found his cutie mark through perspiration, mostly from the number of times he's gone to map out all the parts of the world that had never been discovered. Well, that and his incredibly good eyesight.

He also enjoys listening to music and can be found with a phonograph on his back, playing a random record softly as he trots to the beat whenever he's not trying to take down every single detail around him.
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