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 Referral Awards!

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Ginger Pony

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PostSubject: Referral Awards!   Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:30 pm

Ohhh, shiny new announcement!

So, what are referral rewards? Well, simply put, if you refer a friend/family member/pet onto here, and they stay here for a good bit and contribute, you get a nice shiny rewards for doing the things

But ginger, what could this reward be?

Well, there are many rewards, all depending on how many friends you refer! Such as if you:

Refer 1 Friend!
-A nice shiny Bronze name!

Refer 3 Friends!
-A nice Shiny Silver Name!
-A shoutout on the Banner, and link to a Fimfiction/youtube/social media account! Get your name out there!

Refer 5 Friends!
-A Really Cool Gold Name!
-A shoutout! Again!
-The forum will rain with little mini-versions of your icon/an icon of your choice!

Refer 10 Friends!
-A custom colour name, plus all of the above!
-A secret mystery prize!

But ginger, what if people just make loads of accounts to trick you?
Well, hopefully nopony isnt that bad, but to avoid quick leavings, and promote activity, here's some simple, and easy ground rules.

-A referred user must be seen as active for at least two weeks after signing up
-Must be in or was in at least 1 roleplay actively.

how do I show that I referred someone?
-Simple, you tell us! We'll ask them, and then they should confirm, and then if the requirements are met, the reward is yours!

What if I was referred someone a while back, and they're still active? Do i get a reward?
-If the referred account was made under a month ago, and they can prove they're still active or join an RP, then yes you can!

So go on! Tell friends! Tell your neighbours! Tell that one kid down the street with the pet squirrel! We'll be waiting~

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