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 Dark Moon

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PostSubject: Dark Moon   Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:28 pm

Name: Dark Moon

Age: Young Adult

Looks: He is a bat pony with a dark blue coat and a dark purple mane. His eyes are crimson red and he has small fangs. His cutie mark is that of a full moon with a few grey clouds around it.

Personality: He is very friendly and open, enjoys seeing others have fun in any way he can. He is a very hard worker and makes sure he does his job as a guard to the best of his ability.

Family: He doesn’t have any blood family because he is an orphan but he thinks of the mare that ran the orphanage as a mother of sorts. (Kind Heart)

Other: He is a corporal in the Lunar Night guard, been one for a since he was old enough to join.
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