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 Lambda Grey

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PostSubject: Lambda Grey   Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:42 pm

Name: Lambda Grey (Some ponies just call him Grey.)
Age: 19
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Personality: Kindhearted and very generous, not exactly a social butterfly. Struggles with depression. Good with new technology.

Family: Lambda grew up in Fillydelphia with his mother (Eta) and his father (Sigma). His father is a loving, caring stay-at-home dad. (See I broke the sterotype) His mother works in a science lab in Manehattan. Family does have a history of depression. (All three still live in Fillydelphia)

Other: Bisexual. He tends to keep this secret even though his parents are fine with it. Often seen with his friends Starlight (Griffon) and Crystal Sparks or "Sparky" (Pegasus). Good with computers (Equestria isn't in the dark ages). Looking for somepony to love despite being rejected several times.

There's more to Grey than this, but it's classified.
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