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 Dust Devil

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PostSubject: Dust Devil   Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:27 pm

Name:first name: Dustdevil Last name: Tree

Age: young adult

Species: Pegasus

Sex: colt

Looks: light tan coat, dark tan mane and tail with a black line running down them, sky blue eyes, cutie mark is a rain cloud with a thunder bolt and a rainbow coming from the top that runs around and down one back leg, and he is sorter than the average colt. :>

Personality: Shy, not very outgoing, doesn't often talk to ponies he don't know, get hurt easily in both ways.

Family: /mother: Blossom Tree(dead) /father: Ork Tree(dead) /twin(sister): Flowerfinder Tree(alive)She a unicorn with a pink mane and white coat and blue eyes, her cutie mark is three snowflakes.

Other: He does have an aunt and an uncle but, Flowerfinder and Dustdevil don't talk to them much...after what happen.

P.S. Even if he doesn't like to said it, he a coltcudler. His sister is fine with it, other family well...
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