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 Fountain Pen (Pen)

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Fountain Pen
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PostSubject: Fountain Pen (Pen)    Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:12 am

Name: Fountain Pen (Pen)

Age: Young adult

Looks: He is an earth pony with royal blue coat with messy white mane with  black strands, auburn eyes, A funtain Pen with a zig zag line made from it is his cutie mark &b has a signature orange & red scarf.

Personality: Shy around new ponies but gets a lot weirder when you get to know him.Though he is shy he has a secret that only close friends know of.

Family: Was found at a shore by his father(Mahogany wood) who lives at the shore of equestria. Left home when he was 18 so he could pursue his dreams as well as keeping his father alive. He owns a black anthro fox named "Shadow"

Other: His Cutie mark represents his talent in writing & sketching, which is where he gets his money from, he owns a house in Ponyville & had just moved in, also loves sweets far too much.
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