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 Enticing Bossa Nova (Ben)

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Enticing Bossa Nova


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PostSubject: Enticing Bossa Nova (Ben)   Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:38 pm

Enticing BossaNova
(Ben, rearranged for easier way)

Young adult

Ben is a unicorn about moderate height and some what muscular ;) he has a tan coat, medium length gray spiked hair with a single yellow and neon blue stripe. Medium length tail with same design as hair. His cutie mark consists of an A note on a music staff all within a single water droplet.

Ben is a very calm and collective guy who enjoys hanging out with friends and going on adventures, but does have a wild side on certain occasions!

 Graceful Sonata ~ Mother
   (Nickname: Grace)
 Father ~ Unknown
 Siblings ~ None

1. Ben has the talent to compose beautiful and enchanting Bossa Nova's.
**by adding a little magic, Ben's music will leave his listeners wanting more**
2. Originally from: Ponyville
   Currently: Travels Around
3. Ben used to work in his mothers shop she owned in Ponyville, but now travels because his mother closed down the shop. :( **sadness**
4. Ben travels, explores, discovers, and composes songs as his hobby.
5. When using magic or casting spells, the magical aura alternates color between blue and yellow.

That's about it, hope you guys like ;)
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