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 Theo the Griffin

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PostSubject: Theo the Griffin   Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:35 pm


Age:Older Teen, Young Adult

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Personality:Like most Griffons he's a little on the rough and closed minded side. It's only a matter of getting to know him and being friendly with him that he'll open up and actually be friendly back. It's hinted he's into males but he hides it really well and rarely hangs around females of any species.

Family:None, unknown

Other: He's a softie deep under but it takes a bit of effort to reach his soft and loving center. He's interested in having some companionship and it's also how much and how deep said companionship is.

BackStory: Theo never cared for Ponies all that much. He had been a loner since he became a Teen and has traveled the lands on his own to travel around. He left his home wanting to be more independent and see the world since his parents never allowed such freedom. He's never been the social type until he came across Photon (My other OC). Photon was always so nice to Theo and of course Theo eventually warmed up to Photon and the two became friends and Theo settled into Photon's home.(These OC were made for my own take on the world on MLP so the setting is obviously different. I just wrote this to tell you of his past not establish any settings.)

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