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PostSubject: Garnet   Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:01 pm

Name: Garnet

Age: Adult

Looks: Garnet is a stocky male Unicorn of medium height. His defining characteristic is his Garnet Red eyes, which earned him his name. His long, messy blond mane and tail will, surprisingly enough, never straighten out, no matter how much time and effort Garnet or anypony else puts on it. Blending that all in is his Forest Green coat, making Garnet unique enough to easily be selected out of a crowd.

Garnet's cutie mark is a Garnet gem overlapping a blank scroll.
The parchment symbolizes his artistic talent(A blank canvas, perhaps?).
The gem creates a relation between him and the cutie mark(Let's face it, about 98% of the ponies in the show are named after their cutie marks(Or vice versa))

Personality: Bright, charming, creative, and always the one to step in before you make an irrational decision, Garnet is the pony that you'd want by your side. He is reserved and a bit Anti-Social at times, but will never pass up the chance to continue a conversation. He has multiple habits that make him intelligent, observant, and never the one to back down on a promise. Garnet also possesses a high vocabulary, and other ponies will sometimes have trouble telling what he's trying to say.

He has his own view of other ponies; he is reserved, distant and cold towards the ones he doesn't like, but the opposite is true for his friends. He bases this upon how they act while in his vicinity. As such, it is possible to switch from his good side to his bad side and vice-versa. Once he grabs hold of an idea, he will never let go unless that idea has been disproved. Always the one to put on a smile, his anger only shows under dire circumstances. When he feels angry, he will dismiss himself from public eye until he sees himself fit to continue.

As an artist, Garnet can be very isolated when working on a piece. He does not have room for distractions in the upper floor of his house, and he even blocks access for most ponies under fear that his work will be disturbed and/or destroyed. When bothered, he will tell you to go away, but will always get to your conundrums later. Despite him spending months in-between unveiling art, he manages to make a modest sum of bits, which he attributes to doing volunteer work around Ponyville and Canterlot. He is also a Philanthropist, selecting new charities every other month to donate excess bits to.

Likes: Garnet is a Pacifist. He loves peace and harmony between others and will go to great lengths to create such peace. He has an eye for fine art(Paintings, music, etc.), often silently critiquing any form of art he sees. He also has a penchant for Gemstones, mainly Garnets.

Dislikes: Garnet is a Pacifist. He hates violence and discord between other ponies and even entire nations. As such, he will go to great lengths to break up any fighting. He strongly dislikes crime, dishonesty, and bad language. If a pony is really getting on his nerves, he will let loose on them, even ironically cursing in the process.

Father-Artistic Vision (Deceased)

Backstory: Garnet was born in Fillydelphia as the only son of the female unicorn Topaz and the (then well known) male earth pony Artistic Vision. Unfortunately, Artistic Vision was called away to the Griffin Empire on a business trip shortly after Garnet's birth, leaving Topaz to care for him alone. Garnet was raised well, and was taught basic magic from a young age. Eventually, he became so widely known in his hometown, that he was accepted into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Knowing that he'd leave his friends and town behind, Garnet was initially hesitant to leave for Canterlot; however, the assurance by some of his trusted friends and neighbors of renown throughout Equestria convinced him to go.

During his time in the academy, Garnet found himself under intense pressure and often struggled with his coursework although he pulled through by several means of hard studying, even taking part in extracurricular clubs to assist in finding a special talent. At the urging of his mother, Garnet participated in numerous art-based contests, including Poetry, Slam Poetry, and Marching Band. Unfortunately, he wasn't particularly good in any of them, and he hadn't found the slightest hint of a cutie mark.

Garnet eventually found solace, however, when he was a young colt. During a particularly boring school session, he found himself drawing in a spare notebook, attempting to disguise it as taking notes. Unfortunately, his teacher noticed and called him up to the board to solve a problem. With his ruse uncovered, Garnet decided to come clean, presenting the teacher with his drawing of a detailed gemstone. Impressed, the teacher started praising Garnet's work before pointing out that something had appeared on his flank. Turning to look, Garnet was surprised to see that he had finally obtained his very own cutie mark.

The rest of his life had gone well right up to one summer. During the time that he was reaching adulthood, Topaz finally told him the truth about his childhood. Artistic Vision wasn't really away in the Griffin Empire, he had been killed by a runaway Carriage almost immediately after leaving the Hospital. Believing most of his life to be a lie and harboring resentment towards his mother, Garnet locked himself in his room, to the detriment of both his studies and health. Just when it seemed that nopony could get him out, Topaz started relaying back her opinions about Garnet in his early life to him, eventually apologizing to him about hiding his father's death. Seeing how sincere her mother was at that moment, Garnet finally agreed to resume his life and make up his studies. Sadly, he had lost a considerable amount of knowledge of spellcasting while giving way to anger and grief.

Fresh out of the academy Garnet worked for a small but profitable company, eventually earning enough to buy a house in Canterlot. For a while, nothing happened and Garnet grew bored. Just as he began to accept that his life might never be more than this, he was told that there were a few aspiring artists in the nearby town of Ponyville. Packing his things, selling his house, and bidding farewell to his Canterlot friends, Garnet excitedly prepared for his new life in the small, quiet town.

Other: Can learn any number of spells needed for an RP.
Garnet's House is located a few blocks down from the dead center of Ponyville.
First Floor: Tidy Kitchen, Book Space, and Living Quarters.
Second Floor: Single Room. Pretty artsy; There's paintings and sketches of other ponies adorning the walls. On one part of the room by the window, there are 3 blank canvases and several painting materials arranged on the tables next to them. On another end, there are several sheets of paper and writing utensils scattered across another table.
You can ask Garnet anything non-sexual.

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PostSubject: Re: Garnet   Thu Apr 02, 2015 5:45 am

Cute character, I like him :).
Howling Moon
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PostSubject: Re: Garnet   Tue May 12, 2015 8:45 pm

Quite the gentle colt and such a compelling background.

PostSubject: Re: Garnet   Tue May 12, 2015 8:59 pm

PlagueofFires wrote:
Cute character, I like him :).
Howling Moon wrote:
Quite the gentle colt and such a compelling background.
Thank you. I'd say that merciless week of brainstorming really paid off.
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PostSubject: Re: Garnet   Sun May 31, 2015 6:26 pm

Oh wheres a bow tie and artist. Alright I like where this is going. A pleasure
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PostSubject: Re: Garnet   

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