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 All Trades (Jack)

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PostSubject: All Trades (Jack)   Sat Jun 13, 2015 6:55 pm

Name:All Trades (Jack)

Age:young adult

Looks:Short Brown mane with specs of grey in it, always wears a hat that's grey and is almost flat, he has tan coat and blue eyes, slight scruff on face but not much,and has ears pierced but doesn't wear earrings, rather thin but average height.

Personality:All Trades, or Jack as he prefers has an Irish brue(accent),and is rather loud. he loves talking and being loud. he is a Jack of all trades (haha), but prefers adventuring ,having fun, and commentating on sports and events.He's great at making friends though he says he's not and always feels alone. he's pretty well know in places he frequently visits and commentates. He's also not afraid of hitting the bottle but knows his limits.

Family:No siblings, but a loving mother (Ruby) and father (Spuds).

Other: His cutie Mark is of a microphone with amplifiers to show he is loud and most of his work revolves around a microphone
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