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 David Washingtion

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PostSubject: David Washingtion   Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:41 pm

Name: David Washington

Age: 28 

Looks: He is an Augmented Earth Pony of average height, he has steel colored fur with gold on his shoulders and under his chin that match his eyes. He has short black and gold hair with a matching tail . He is very physical fit due from specialized combat training and physical augmentation to both his body and mind. He no longer has a Cutie Mark of his own.

Personality: Cold, never training anyone, and has never really been one for unneeded talking, wouldn't blink twice if told to gut somepony as long as he gets paid. However if you ever manage to break through his shell he can be rather tollerable, you may even get a smile out of him.
Family:A tight nit group of other guns for hire from the same failed secret military group he likes to call family.

Other: He trusts no one. He was taught that lesson when his old partner literally shot him in the back. He was a part of a secret branch of a privatly owned military, where he was train and given mental and physical augments and implants and was also stripped of his cutie mark so he could use fake ones to hide who he is . He worked for them up until 3 years ago when the project was found out and disbanned.

Now he's a gun for hire and lives off money from anything from assassinations to protection from an assassin, but it can get complicated if he run into another of his friends from the program while at work. 

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