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 Solar Comet

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PostSubject: Solar Comet   Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:28 pm

Name: Solar Comet

Age: Young Adult/Adult (22)

Looks: Solar Comet is a dusty, mellow yellow flanked pony. His mane and tail are both of a passive, regular red with black tips at the end. His eyes are a nice neutral blue. Proportion wise he is exactly like any other pony- but slightly smaller in stature than the other stallions. (so he didn't like eating his spinach so much as a colt, /now/ he knew he should'a listened to Ma). He has an old scar on the bottom of his left rear hoof, as well as a scattering of freckles across the bridge of his muzzle.

Personality: Growing up in a family of seven sure makes somepony tolerant. Solar Comet (Or Comet as he'd tell his fiends to call him) wasn't immune to that particular statement. Tolerant as his father, Comet has an easy-going personality. He'll easily go with the flow of whatever the bigger pony decides (aka the pony in charge, really). He's really shy when he meets somepony for the first time, preferring to let others speak for him. Once he gets to know others better, he'll open up more and be the friendly, slightly clumsy but steady-hooved kind of pony he is. He does get easily flustered, even over a simple compliment; in which he will quickly change the subject to anything but what just made him flustered. Or hide his face and avert eye contact for the next week, the possibilities are endless with him.

History: Born the third oldest of five, Solar Comet grew up on his fathers vegetable farm. His birth was always a story told at family gatherings, for how do you explain an earth pony and a unicorn popping out a pegasi? It was a surprise to his father to learn that his wife's mom had been a pegasi, but she had taken after her unicorn father instead. But wings didn't matter much at that point in time, for the work needing to be done was all on the ground. Comet worked alongside his father and older siblings from the time he was old enough to start planting seeds. It was leisurely task, for they had more hooves than was actually needed on their small farm- after all, they just needed food for themselves, they weren't part of any big food production line.

The mares focused more on food preparation, while the stallions focused on providing the food to be prepared. It was a good system, it wasn't uncommon for some fillies and mares to go out into the field, however. Comet rather enjoyed helping his mother in the house- actually, he enjoyed it. He liked cooking, it was a task that let him use his brain (rather than the no brain task of pulling a plow or seeding the dirt). It wasn't until an accident with a plow that severely weakened his left hind hoof that things changed for him. He became a permanent worker in the house then- there was no use for a pony who couldnt use his full strength on his hind leg in the fields. He didn't mind that much, but he did grow into the habit of using less pressure on that leg, resulting in a slight limp. He hides it outside by flying rather than walking, but inside a house it's much harder to hide.

Life on the farm continued until he hit that age where all stallions and mare get that itch, to go out and carve a name for himself. And thats just what he did. He wished everypony farewell, got many of hugs and rump pats, and left. He visited a lot of places before finally settling down on the outskirts of a town called Ponyville. He set up a small homestead with the money he had left, then made a small patch of vegetables for himself, and took work doing things only pegasi could do- fixing roof thatches on cliffs, clearing the skies around the eastern farmsteads, lifting banners or fixing top signs or helping carry things- he did whatever work needed done.


Smokey Rock (father)
Sunset Twinkle (mother)
Azure Moon (sister)
Silver Blaze (brother)
(Solar Comet)
Aspen Dust (brother)
Lavender Berry (sister)

Other: His cutiemark is a comet with a red trail behind it.

CutieMark History: He tried to fly at a young age, but couldn't quite manage it. It wasn't until Comet was in the middle of his big boy spurt (as his Ma called it) that he finally did it. It was one of those family reunions and everypony had come to watch the "Spring Shower"- it was just shooting stars really, but his family had always been big on titles. He had been sitting in the back, on the rise of the backyards hill. So engrossed in watching the lights flash across the sky, no-pony had been paying attention when Comets younger sister had wondered too close to the farming tools on the side of the house. No-pony saw as the young filly had stumbled and bumped into the sharp tools. No-pony but Comet. Comet couldn't remember what happened next clearly, all he could remember was he had to run, he had to get there. He came back to his mind to find himself and his little sister knocked to the ground several feet away from where the farming tools had fallen.

He learned that he had been running like the wind was after him, that his little wings were flapping like a birds, and all it took was that little hill to separate his hooves from the ground before his wings had taken over and had sped him as fast as can be across the yard to knock his sister away from danger. It was only seconds after that when everypony started hollarin even louder, the pride shining in their eyes. And Solar Comet had turned to see what everypony was so happy about- there, as clear as day, right on his hind flank sat a shooting comet.


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