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 Velvet Shadow

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Velvet Shadow
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PostSubject: Velvet Shadow   Sun May 01, 2016 6:01 pm

Name (obviously): Velvet Shadow

Age: 9 but can be changed to over 18 depending on other ponies preference

Height: 2 feet

Looks: just look at my profile picture but the cutie mark is only when he is 18 and over

Personality: He is one of the most shy colts in all of Equestria and it takes a great deal of time for him to open up but the only thing he first opens up about is his long lost sister and how much she adores he, but he also hates her for leaving him (he was too young to remember her name), he usually keeps to himself

Family: Sister, name unknown, Location: Unknown, Alive or Dead: Unknown, Mother, name: Velvet Remedy, Alive or Dead: Dead (yes i know she is from Fallout Equestria) Father, Name: Rampant Shadow, Alive or Dead: Dead

Place where he lives: At an orphanage in Canterlot

Behavior at the orphanage: He is very quiet around the other colts and fillies and is usually alone

(will be updated at a later time when i am not having a brain fart)
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