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 Storm Soul/ Carry Quill

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PostSubject: Storm Soul/ Carry Quill   Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:59 pm

Name:  Storm Soul
Age: Early Twenties
Looks:  Light Blue fur with a messy royal blue mane with two streaks of white in it.  He is fit, though not overly muscular. A unicorn.
Personality:  Kind to those who show him kindness, usually bitter if he's in a bad mood and quick to snap at others.  He really is a nice guy, he just has a hard time opening up.
Family:  Little contact with his family, doesn't like to talk about them.
Other: He's a low classed guard for the Royal guards, has little large responsibilities, and finds it hard to get a date without his standing as a guard be a big reason for boys liking him.


Name: Carry Quill
Age: 18
Looks:  Light pink fur (which he is embarrassed of if brought up) along with a dark blue messy mane.  He is slightly chubby and tall. A unicorn.
Personality:  Quiet, though only shy if he's picked on over the way he looks.  He usually has his face in a book or is scribbling down notes in his notebook.
Family:  He has a father who cares about him very much, though is an only child with a mother who left early.  
Other:  he aspires to be a writer.
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