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 Virtuous Aegis

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PostSubject: Virtuous Aegis   Sat May 03, 2014 6:12 pm


Virtuous Aegis.


Around 27.


Male pegasus, taller than average. Pale calipsus grayish coat, long blue mane that almost reach his back and average sized tail of the same color, light sky blue eyes. Raspy voice, usually wears a black jacket when out of work.


Rushed, rarely stops to think something deeply. Oftenly serious, can be teaseful when in good mood. Really flirty and audacious, on the other hoof a mess when it comes to romantic stuff. Easily irritable, can even be violent if he gets pushed to his limits. Usually ‘friendly’ when you manage to gain his trust.


Knownledge in medicine, athletic physics, can stay cool under pressure (although everypony has his/her limit, he’s not made of steel), certain fighting skills, protective for the ones he care about.


Short temper, unconsciously cold, can be a bitch to the ones around him when he’s in a bad mood, doesn’t like the fire, can be really pushy at times.


He had to deal with an uncaring and almost abusive dad in his foalhood, he would always rely in his mother first. He left his home at his 17 years after his mother’s death. Currently, he applies as a paramedic.

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