This is a 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' related role playing forum that specifies in role playing as gay male characters. Come take a look!
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PostSubject: Riptide   Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:43 am

Name: Riptide (Rip)

Age: Young Adult

Looks: He's an Earth Pony with a light blue/baby blue coat with a blue/turquoise striped mohawk (not a huge mohawk but like a medium sized one). His tail is semi-short with the same color pattern and a wave as his cutie mark.

Personality: He's considerate and nice to ponies he's gotten to meet and know, but cautious and awkward around new ponies trying to meet him for the first time. He's nice to others and puts on a smile, but he likes to privately "Judge the book by its cover". Rarely gets mad at others but, if someone really pushes his buttons, he can get a little too angry and yell. Passionate about the stuff he's into and sort of gets carried away if you let him talk about them at all.

Other: He got his cutie mark for his love of the water and swimming. He teaches ponies how to swim and, since it's something he loves, it's easier for him to bond with strangers while doing so. He's always in a good mood when it comes to the water and the beach.

(my first time doing something like this I hope it's not horrendous)
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